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Command Title
cSpell.addIgnoreWord Ignore Words
cSpell.addIgnoreWordsToFolder Ignore Word in Folder Settings
cSpell.addIgnoreWordsToUser Ignore Words in User Settings
cSpell.addIgnoreWordsToWorkspace Ignore Words in Workspace Settings
cSpell.addIssuesToDictionary Add All Spelling Issues to Dictionary
cSpell.addWordToCSpellConfig Add Words to CSpell Configuration
cSpell.addWordToDictionary Add Words to Dictionary
cSpell.addWordToFolderDictionary Add Words to Folder Dictionary
cSpell.addWordToFolderSettings Add Words to Folder Settings
cSpell.addWordToUserDictionary Add Words to User Dictionary
cSpell.addWordToUserSettings Add Words to User Settings
cSpell.addWordToWorkspaceDictionary Add Words to Workspace Dictionary
cSpell.addWordToWorkspaceSettings Add Words to Workspace Settings
cSpell.coding.doRefactor Do some refactoring
cSpell.coding.start Start coding session
cSpell.createCSpellConfig Create a CSpell Configuration File.
cSpell.createCustomDictionary Create a Custom Dictionary File.
cSpell.disableCurrentLanguage Disable Spell Checking Document Language
cSpell.disableForGlobal Disable Spell Checking by Default
cSpell.disableForWorkspace Disable Spell Checking For Workspace
cSpell.displayCSpellInfo Show Spell Checker Configuration Info
cSpell.enableCurrentLanguage Enable Spell Checking Document Language
cSpell.enableForGlobal Enable Spell Checking by Default
cSpell.enableForWorkspace Enable Spell Checking For Workspace
cSpell.goToNextSpellingIssue Go to Next Spelling Issue
cSpell.goToNextSpellingIssueAndSuggest Go to Next Spelling Issue and Suggest
cSpell.goToPreviousSpellingIssue Go to Previous Spelling Issue
cSpell.goToPreviousSpellingIssueAndSuggest Go to Previous Spelling Issue and Suggest
cSpell.logPerfTimeline Log CSpell performance times to console
cSpell.removeWordFromFolderDictionary Remove Words from the Folder Dictionary
cSpell.removeWordFromUserDictionary Remove Words from the Global Dictionary
cSpell.removeWordFromWorkspaceDictionary Remove Words from the Workspace Dictionaries
cSpell.suggestSpellingCorrections Spelling Suggestions…
editorTextFocus && cSpell.editorMenuContext.showSuggestions
cSpell.toggleEnableForGlobal Toggle Spell Checking in User Settings
cSpell.toggleEnableForWorkspace Toggle Spell Checking for Workspace
cSpell.toggleEnableSpellChecker Toggle Spell Checking