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Street Side is Live

Street Side Software is a small independent software development house based in the Netherlands.


The purpose behind Street Side Software is to develop tools and applications to improve the lives of the people that use them.  We are focused on smart-phones and PDA's, but will occasionally create an application for other platforms because we see the need.  Our motto is to have fun while addressing life's challenges.

In Development 

  • Mobile Glot -- In conjunction with Interglot, Street Side Software has developed Mobile Glot, a mobile version of Interglot's powerful multi-language translation dictionary.  You can check it out here:
Mobile Glot 
  • Street Dutch -- Street Dutch is a Dutch to English dictionary that is great for learning Dutch and helpful for travelers to the Netherlands.  It is a free web application that runs on the iPhone or iPod Touch.
Street Dutch Start-up Screen

Street Side Software helps you to find where you are and see where you are going.